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OY Hospitality introduces the new approach to Hospitality business in Middle East by combining the universal top notch brand strategy expertise with the experience of F&B operations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.We methodically develop and build restaurant brands, manage them and maintain their successful business path. We treat the restaurant primarily as a business of brands. With its attributes, benefits and values, dynamic value proposition, audience, context, archetype and finally a coherent customer experience. With the ambition to achieve the lovemark category, when our brand becomes part of the guests' lifestyle and is inherently associated with the highlights of their lives. Having moved to the territory of such thinking, we adopted in our methodology all the strongest approaches of strategic work from the FMCG and Retail brands markets, and it is the strategies of each stage and scientific models that distinguish our work from others Talent management is the engine for the successful implementation of restaurant brand strategies. The methodical selection, training and combination of experiences of project team members is an essential part of our work. The expertise is built by creating and adapting the regulations of procedures, feedback metrics, analysis of costs and profitability potentials, market opportunities and niches, and automated monitoring of enterprise activities. The scientific method from the e- commerce sphere at the heart of product marketing, financial planning and control using modern accounting automation tools and a detailed training system from the world of performance management 2.0 are some of the many components of the product that we build for our partners. Based in Dubai, connected Worldwide
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OY Hospitality is the company for Food and Beverage as business creation: strategies beyond fantasies and building synergy of talents on the axis of numbers
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