Concept creation
The first step in building a brand is an idea turned into a system of components that define it and differentiate it from the rest of the market. At this stage, we implement the Brand Key by Unilever methodology, finding brand essence, and describe the future restaurant in components

Stage 1
Brand Essence
The Brand Key method by Unilever, which allows us to formulate a clear positioning of our brand and define its unique characteristics and offer
Food and Beverage concept
The main products of the restaurant business. We form their concept with the team based on the brand essence and the basic idea.
Interior, identity and styling
Our company works according to the principle of individual approach to every client. This method allows us to achieve success in problems of all levels.
The atmosphere that we want to achieve in the already formulated brand space - a service school, a strategy for communicating with a guest, tone of voice, atmosphere modes at different times, etc.
Entertainment and Content
Filling the space with entertaining components and semantic contexts - what experiences we give the guest while in our restaurant, before and after visiting
Restaurant products
What products will be part of our business and which will fit into our concept - gala dinners, laya concerts, collaborations or delivery
Location Works
The formulated concept in relation to the guest we are looking for provides a clear reference point for the location and style of the room that we need. At this stage, we focus on finding the most relevant premises for the concept, not vice versa.

Stage 2
SWOT analysis and briefing
Cluster analysis of the city, approximate analysis of trade areas, logistics aspects
Site scouting
Selection of places from those available on the market in relation to the brief, negotiations with the landlord and strategies for optimizing the value in the future P&L
Financial calculations
Landing potential analysis, Revenue per sq.ft, Revenue per cover, operational load assessment, depreciation. At this stage, we prepare the first CAPEX estimate
Legal Works
Based on the results of the site selection, we promptly close the issue of registration of the enterprise. In the future, this block also includes all work on approvals, obtaining licenses and passing inspections by municipal authorities

Stage 3-6
Registrations and Banking
Registration of a company, provision of local partnership, opening a bank account, registration of TM for selected classes
Obtaining licenses for hookahs, for alcohol (independent), for relevant activities
PRO support
Accompanying all registration procedures for obtaining visas. employees, coordination in the authorities of all issues and in all instances
Budgeting CAPEX +pP&L
The first and most important financial stage of the enterprise. CAPEX preliminary assessment and building a business model for 3 years, taking into account depreciation. These documents of this stage will determine the next steps for the budget of creation: start-up and cost estimates of operations

Stage 4
Detailed calculation of all items of capital investments, including both the preparatory, construction, and the stage of launch and development and the first period of operations
P&L projection
The financial model of the business in detail and taking into account all the previous stages. Separate detailing for payroll and related costs, modelling of profitability in relation to already formulated products
Full support of design, construction, filling, preparation and approval of the physical part of the restaurant

Stage 5
Design direction and concept
From the direction, through the stage pre- P, stage P to the stage of working documentation of all nodes and plans
Selection of all suppliers and contractors. Conducted with the participation of an expert company and covering the entire market based on detailed BOQ and specifications
Project management and technical supervision
Project management by our team of the entire construction process and approvals, legal support and risk insurance, time management of the process
HR structure & recruitment
At this stage, we select the relevant staff in the schedule of their connection to the project as they are created, the training plan and the construction of the corporate structure

Stage 6
With the help of our team and recruiting agencies involved, we select staff for all positions with a planned exit in stages. The formula for calculating the social package is also optimized here
HR structure and regulations
Formation of the structure of departments and subordination, performance management system with KPI and calculation of the motivational part
Trainings and preparations
Plan of external and internal trainings, conduct training and run the floor operations
Suppliers Ecosystem
Selection of all contractors on a tender basis for the operation of the enterprise in the future. A pool of suppliers and partners is formed, within which operations then move

Stage 7
Technology providers
POS, Table reservation systems, telephony, internet, WiFi providers, video surveillance, feedback systems, CRM, Security
Cleaning, maintenance of kitchen equipment, sound equipment, bar equipment, pest control, laundry, fire security, hygiene consultant company, HR systems, etc.
Produce suppliers
Selection of all suppliers of products and small equipment, low prices, etc.
Alco brands deals
The most important stage of negotiations and building partnerships with alcohol and tobacco brands. Not just discounts, but partnerships and their sponsorship opportunities in various products of the enterprise, integration into the restaurant's work system

Stage 7
Alco portfolio build-up
Balancing alcohol brands from MMI and A + E in the company's bar product portfolio in a strategic proportion, obtaining the best conditions for strategic positions and setting up a rebate system
Global deals
Signing major and minor partnerships with alcohol brands from the portfolio on the basis of their marketing integration with additional financing from their side and involvement in the life of the restaurant
Exclusive deals
Selection of exclusive positions on the world market and their delivery to the UAE market to our restaurant, work with MMI in terms of registration of such deliveries, their logistics and cost optimization
SOPs & Business cycle
Detailed regulation of all business processes of the enterprise - from checklists for opening / closing a shift to inventory checklists and an automated system of applications. The entire library of processes, written out and conveniently laid out for each employee and department

Stage 8
Financial regulations
Management and accounting, automated unloading from Micros and banking, audit and cost control
Floor SOPs
All regulations and the business cycle on the site in the service context - from the moment a guest enters to the processes of write-off and scrap
All procedures and regulations for the interaction of departments, as well as a task management system based on Bitrix24
The stage of preparation for the opening and development of the final versions of the product - from menus and bar positions to uniforms and scripts for hostesses

Stage 9
Testing the food and bar menu
Final elaboration of the menu and their presentation - both the kitchen and the bar. Naming and design
Entertainment setup
Finalization of sound design and other entertainment components - evening structure, styles and timing, rehearsals and performers, calendar of events for 1-3 months, design
Setting up control systems
POS systems, communication systems, security runs, prescription card issuance and checking cost and write-offs
PR and marketing
Preparation of strategies and detailed media planning for the launch of the product and its communication platform for the first season, all work design and stylistics, performers and content plans
Direct trainings on the site of all personnel - both soft skills and hard skills. A separate cycle of trainings and scripts on brand awareness and its features
Guest management
Collecting all guest management resources, recruiting and building relationships with promo teams, partners and concierges. Mobilization of all bases to prepare for the soft opening
Stage 10
Brand launch on the market
Implementation of a comprehensive cross-channel strategy for PR and marketing communications and brand launch
Soft opening strategy
Directed launch of the first 10 days with the recruitment of key guests from the city establishment to form the first wave of discussions, the delicate process of driving 300-400 key guests and individual training with them
Grand opening
The starting point for a full-fledged call to sail. It can be realized as a grand event, or as a series of collaborations and micro-events. From that moment on, the restaurant was presented to the city and began to fully function.
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